Friday, December 31, 2010

Liz Rocks the Marmot Contest!

Chicks With Picks” announces:

“We have a winner in our Girly Guns contest!

The contest collected a total of 229 votes over the past few days for our 43 total entrants. In the end the winner was Elizabeth for her submission of “Eliz Rocks her first climbing comp!”

Congratulations Elizabeth!

She has won an awesome prize package from Marmot that includes a Marmot 4P Hideaway Tent, a Sidecountry 20 Pack, and the women’s Angel Fire Sleeping Bag – a package worth more than $600!

Thanks to Marmot for putting up this awesome prize package, and William Glenn of Grenaider Design for hosting it.

Most of all, thanks to all the Chicks that submitted photos! We couldn’t have done it without you

Happy New Year to all! “


richard said...

Wow, congratulations Liz. I wish I had Girly Guns. Oh well, I'll have to settle for less.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lisa and Richard!

JR said...

Congratulations on the big Girly guns Elizabeth!

wed wing won said...

way to be Liz.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jen and Ron!