Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fun With Picks

DSC03132Here’s why dry tooling is so fun. This is a shot of Lisa at Sandstone yesterday. In order to get past the blank rock section and back on to the ice above, she had to match both of her ice picks on a “ledge” the thickness of a quarter.

You can kinda see the “ledge” in the photo below.



Then she could stand up and reach the ice above. How neat is that? You go girl! (Don’t know why she’s wearing oven mitts. Ask her, if you dare.)



Lisa said...

Coward, blogging instead of asking me to my face. These are my awesome true north mitten
but mine were not $80, I made them and I made them girly. My hands were warm all day too. If you would just be nice and ask me, I might just make you some. Yes, I would make them macho.

wed wing won said...

and you can tell it's sand stone because of the way it is . how neat is that? oh and i was just wondering if when you guys were up there, was there a lot of nature out?

richard said...

It was so neat. Sandstone is that way. Don't know why.

richard said...

Who knew those were homemade mittens? I for one, did not.