Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What’s A Guy To Do?

What’s a guy gotta do to meet women? Obviously not lie about your outdoor prowess. GearGals has some stories of men trying to meet women.

Overheard after a mountaineering presentation:

He said: “I’d like to get to know you better.”
She said: “Do you lead overhanging ice?”
He said: “Uh…no.”
She said: “Then we don’t have anything in common!”

“I guess I should admit to cruelly dropping one of my dates on a mountain bike ride when he tried to ride my back wheel too close. It was annoying the crap out of me so I headed down the most technical trail I know. He crashed about ten times. He still tried to date me though I soon found out that he had exaggerated about 90% of his outdoor skills (said he was a mountaineer but knew not ONE THING about avalanche safety, didn’t even own a transceiver) so I simply had to dump him.”

Read more at the link. And guys, if you don’t even own a transceiver, don’t try to meet mountain chicks. OK?


Lisa said...

I broke up with a summer romance long ago because he skied like a dork.

Lisa said...

and It's turns out Carl exaggerates but the papers were signed and filed long before I figured that out. Blinded by love I guess. or somethin'