Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Couple Climbs El Cap Together

She describes her 10 day climb last July of Mescalito on El Cap with the “love of her life” here. Some highlights, to me, of her report:

    • We filled a haul bag full of 66 King Cobras and bro
      ught along 13 gallons of water. 


  • I had heard stories about married couples getting divorces after topping out on a wall, the stories about grown men crying for their mommy’s, the ones who wanted to bail after one pitch up... I didn’t want to be one of “the ones” who bailed after one pitch because I was too scared or too tired.


  • There is no privacy on a wall.  You have to shed off all your dignity at the base and leave it piled up behind.


  • Thank god it was dark as I was 3000 feet off the deck free climbing in my approach shoes.  I was in my 15-foot illuminated bubble produced by my headlamp, which is sometimes a great benefit of night climbing on sketchier sections/maneuvers.

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