Saturday, December 11, 2010

More on...You can't have it both ways.

Recently Chicks with Picks introduced some possible T shirt designs. I thought the chicks had clearly lost their minds. If you want to be perceived as a strong, capable woman, don't wear this t-shirt.
If you want to be a "cupcake" buy several. It seems as if the posted was intended to recieve feed back and they did. It was a resounding "NO!!!"
Ladies, you are a distraction! No need to draw extra attention of the variety that is not particularly flattering.
That being said, I think Chicks with Picks' other T-shirt designs are great.
Maybe publicity is publicity good or bad, but I don't think so, let's take the high road.

I really like this Ice Betty Design. Now that I think of it, where is the line? If this is my opinion do I need to ditch my new "sweet ride"t shirt with the bike on it? It looked different on me than it did on the hanger. Is there a difference between "a little dirty" and downright slutty? hmmm. Who decides....What do you think?

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richard said...

Who doesn't long for hard ice, a good belay and a long rope?

I thought that T shirt really kicked axe.