Saturday, December 25, 2010

“I Can Do This”

A woman climber writes about how she got motivated to be a better rock climber because she wanted to be a good ice climber. 

“t took all of the following summer for me to really identify myself as a climber – not just as someone who climbed sometimes. It took another year before I considered leading (I climb trad). I thought I really never would consider leading. I started by learning to place gear with my feet on the ground. I liked it. It felt like doing puzzles, and it helped me focus on one more awesome set of aspects in the majesty of nature…

Rock and ice climbing are so much more than just something that you do. They become part of who you are! You need to be quick and practical. You must learn to succinctly understand what is a crisis, what is an annoyance and what is just a small obstacle.”

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