Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Climbing In Argentina

A trip report about rock climbing in Frey and Bariloche, Argentina. (Many posts, start here and keep scrolling down.) Quite a discussion in this MountainProject forum about climbing in Frey. A quote from the Mountain Project page on climbing in Frey:

Granite spires in an incomparable setting, free camping, ridiculously friendly locals, beautiful cracks, and an abundance of classic, airy, challenging lines: this is Frey.
….an emerald tarn stretches to the end of a bowled-out cirque. White and black granite spires reflect on its surface. As you lift your gaze your hands begin to sweat: they're everywhere, needles in every shape and size, riddling the sides and rims of the cirque. It's a surreal landscape: The Fool, The Monk, The Grandfather, The Lunar Rocket, The Old Woman, The Splinter, The Three Marias - each spire has its own character. Condors weave spirals in the deep blue. You've made it to climber's heaven.”

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