Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rope Tricks

Instead of just flexing your muscles while waiting to climb, you boys could be impressing the girls by showing them these two rope tricks. At least that’s what our favorite Canadian climbing guide “Joe McKay” says. (I’m pretty sure these tricks can only be done by boys. So girls, don’t even try. You’ll only hurt yourselves. And get makeup all over the rope. Also, please don’t try to work with fire; that’s a man’s job.)

Being the best climber just isn't good enough to get girls anymore. These rope tricks are going to make you stand out from the rest of the guys flexing at the base of the cliff.”


Lisa said...

Any guy that can do that, You can buy me at beer! Impressive!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. We should all work on tying our figure eights that way and then have a talent show at the gym. Who's with me?

richard said...

I'm starting to practice it today. I am looking forward to winning and buying Lisa a beer.