Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cult Fit Coyote Way & That Odd Woman on Robert Court

This website  is by Kimi, who is Will Gadd's wife and her friends. The claim to be newbie crossfit people. I love the concept of using what you have. I often wish is wasn't  looked at as odd to use the resources at hand.  I am that weird lady that biked to the playground, did the monkey bars twice, using hands and feet, then biked away. I confessed to my friends that I lay under a chair and pull up on it, I used my fireplace hearth for a stairmaster. I need to do this when I am home alone. I flake extension cords, I ski to work. It seems logical to me. The world is our gym and our playground, why let the kids have all the fun.? Looks like these gals are having a lot of fun in the garage and are getting super strong. I know Aaron stems his hallway and Liz is getting a hang board. Liz was also talking about competing in Passion for Flashin', perhaps as a group. I think that sounds like fun. I like to train for something. Anyone else interested?

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