Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In A Rut?

Here’s an article by Climb Strong about being in a rut with your climbing. I definitely was in a rut. Now I am varying what I do and how I train. So far, it’s working. It is more fun though to just climb than it is to train.

“A quick fix for most plateaus is simply change. Changing rock types, or the length of pitches you do, or the angle you train on will often jump-start change. The real key, though, is to find a way to progress your training. Hangboard or system board workouts are great in this way. Add time / weight / smaller holds and a few weeks later, you’re stronger. Take this out and apply it to the rock, and voilà, you’re better.”

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Anonymous said...

Congrats for busting out of your rut!