Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why Do Risks Matter?

This brochure is called “Balancing Risks and Benefits in the Outdoors.” If you were ever a child or are a parent, scanning it might be helpful. It’s is published by the English Outdoor Council and aimed at teachers and other children’s services professionals.

“A mindset that is solely focused on safety does children and young people no favours. Far from keeping them safe from harm, it can deny them the very experiences that help them to learn how to handle the challenges that life may throw at them. There is an emerging
consensus that our society has become too focused on reducing or eliminating
risk in childhood. And research suggests that overprotecting children can lead to
longer-term problems with mental health and well-being….

A 2009 Girlguiding UK research report entitled Redefining Risk: Girls shout out! found that “over-anxious adults, exaggerated media coverage and the inconsistent application of rules
supposedly designed to keep girls safe have contributed to a climate of worry
and misinformation.”

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