Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Leading Ladder

On the BMC website they explain a fun competition at indoor climbing gyms in Britain called “Leading Ladder.” For a 16 day period, people who enter the competition climb specially marked lead routes and score themselves based on how many attempts it requires to complete the route. The climbers can choose when they do each route and who their belayers are. It’s self-scored and based on the honesty of the climbers and belayers.

There are 10 routes per gym. Anyone can climb any of the routes. If you’re in the competition though, you can’t practice on the route. After the 16 day period, they change all the routes. There are 12 rounds so the entire competition lasts about 6 months. There are multiple divisions based on age and ability. It sounds like an interesting way to add some competition to a day of gym climbing. All of the details are here.

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Lisa said...

Ve does something similar, there was a chart on the wall, Julianne participated, you got so many point for a flash and fewer the more attempts you took to finish it.She said it really helped her route reading.