Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sandstone Ice Festival

Lisa, John and I climbed at Sandstone yesterday. We were going to camp overnight in John’s special Arctic tent with the wood stove, but headed back early to beat the blizzard.

They did farm some ice on a few routes. We didn’t climb any of those. We stayed out of the way of the Festival (actually we were asked to stay out of their way) and spent most of our time climbing in the corner on the natural ice.

Lots of dry tooling and thin ice. Perfect temps and ice conditions.



Lisa said...

great photos. the song...why?

Lisa said...

I felt there was no real advantage to the for us to be there during the festival, since we didn't climb the farmed ice and put up our own rope. I missed VE's presence. I think we could go up there anytime we wanted and have as much fun.

richard said...

The music was kinda of a mistake. Sorry. I will never use it again.

Lisa said...

Thank you. :)