Sunday, December 5, 2010

Moonlight Buttress

Cedar Wright says this about his climb of Moonlight Buttress (12d)  in Zion Park:

“I’m about 800 feet up Moonlight Buttress, one of the most classic and iconic big wall free climbs in the world, at the crossroads between a dream and disappointment. This world famous route has been climbed no falls, first try only a hand full of times, and it’s looking like I might be joining the club…but I’m starting to bonk.  I’m seeing spots and to emphasize the thread I’m hanging by, my left forearm cramps when I clip into the anchor…Not Good! “


“This piece is a mix of 5d mark ii footage and timelapses shot on terrafirma mixed with iphone 4 footage! I brought my iphone up the climb accidentally and then figured I might as well shoot a little video while I was up there!! And so, a video short was born!!!”

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