Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yoga in the Park

All are invited to do some yoga in the park with me on Sunday, April 18 at 6:30 at Phalen Park. We will be on the west side of the lake just north of the beach house parking lot. It won't be hard, just a bunch of folks celebrating the spring time with a feel-good stretch. Bring a mat if you have one, I will bring some too. After climbing, I need a good yoga session. How about you? Just my way of saying thank you to all the great people in my life. Leave a comment if you are going to come.


richard said...

I have just 3 words, "Ouch, ouch, ouch."

Have fun. It should be a nice day.

Lisa said...

It was great 10 people came! We need to work on your yogic notions.