Monday, April 19, 2010

Climbs Like A Girl

Man, oh, man can she climb.

In 1990 she free-climbed the Nameless Tower in Pakistan and solo climbed the Bonatti Pillar on Les Drus. In June 1991, she opened a new route up the famous west face of the Drus, during a remarkable 11-day solo-climb. On the 10th March 1992, it took her 17 hours to solo the north face of the Eiger (3970 metres),

This is a BBC interview with Catherine Destivelle who climbs solo a lot. Her website is here.

Here she is free soloing a cliff in Mali.


Lisa said...

Isn't she the one that did the solo in Africa? with the pygmi skulls in the caves? Beautiful!

richard said...

She is the one who did the solo climb in Mali.