Monday, April 19, 2010

“Hey, Your Rope Just Fell To The Ground”

That’s what Jen yelled to me just as I reached the first bolt I was going to clip. I looked down to see the last few feet of my lead rope slither down the wall and hit the ground. “Oops, maybe tying the knot is better than just sticking it through my harness.”

We got that straightened out and I managed to finish the climb.

Jen, Peter, Grant and I climbed at Red Wing on Monday in perfect weather. Just after we got there about noon, Mel and Fabrice left. They’d been climbing since 6AM!

More photos here. 

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JR said...

Seriously Richard, watching you tie a knot with one hand while the other held on to a crappy crimper and your feet on 2 sloppy small chips was quite impressive. I would have cried. You're a great climber and yesterday at RW was great. (except for missing Lisa)