Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crossed Wind Rule

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When you’re wondering if the weather’s going to get better or worse and you don’t have access to a weather forecast. try using the “crossed wind rule.”

By standing with one's back to the ground-level wind and observing the movement of the clouds, it is possible to determine whether the weather will improve or deteriorate.[18] For the Northern Hemisphere, it works like this: If the upper-level clouds are moving from the right, a low-pressure area has passed and the weather will improve; if from the left, a low pressure area is arriving and the weather will deteriorate. (Reverse for the Southern Hemisphere.) This is known as the "crossed-winds" rule.[19] Clouds traveling parallel to but against the wind may indicate a thunderstorm approaching.”

And here:

“Of the three rules, the left-hand rule is particularly useful since it predicts bad weather. Place your back to the lower winds, and if the upper winds are coming from the left, the weather will most likely deteriorate.”

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Lisa said...

biggest epiphany since lefty loosey righty tighty!