Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Climbers Think


There was an online poll done in 2005 asking a series of questions of self-described climbers. There were 28 questions including these which I found the most interesting. The authors think this is representative of all climbers even though there were only 407 who answered the questions.



Belay device used for sport climbing? 38% used ATCs ( next was GriGri at 22%)
Ever hit by rock fall during climbing? 51%
How may falls have you taken outside? 50% have taken 10 or fewer
How many years have you been climbing? 43% have climbed 5 or fewer
How many days/year do you climb at rock gyms? Median is 24 days
Days/year do you climb multi-pitch trad? Median is 10 days
Days/year do you sport climb? Median is 12 days
Greatest distance fallen 63% fallen 20 feet or less;highest single % is 10-20 feet

  Complete results here.

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