Monday, April 12, 2010

Sleep On The Ground Like A Dog

I've often said that when we camp, we sleep on the ground like a dog.

So last night I slept on the deck of our house with Buddy. (There are about 6  nights a year, where the temperature is pleasant outside and there are no  biting insects. Last night was one of those 6.)

I brought out my sleeping bag and pad and I got his pad out too. I left the door to the house slightly open. I was enjoying the fresh air, the sounds of nature (frogs), the beautiful starry skies. Buddy was interested in nature too - the raccoon in the tree, the deer, the neighbor’s dog. Whenever I'd wake up, I'd look for him; my faithful companion, my protector from wild animals, my watch dog, my fellow enjoyer of all that the outdoors offers.  But where was he? Oh, yeah, he was sleeping on the couch. 

Camping isn't even for the dogs.

1 comment:

JR said...

I could loan you Elliot next time, he makes a great pillow.