Thursday, April 8, 2010

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Crag

Because of the independent nature that is inherent in most climbers, today had an odd schedule. This schedule caused Aaron to ask me, " Hey. What's going on?" Don't worry Aaron just read to the end of the story, it ends happily enough.

Thursday was forcast to be the finest weather day of the week. We all anticipated it. We imagined basking in the sun, on the rocks like lizards, hungrily soaking up the spring rays. We were each plotting which routes would soon become a part of our individualized resumes. Mel and Fabrice planned to go to Taylors Falls, Peter and Richard would go to Willow. Aaron and I planned a trip to Red Wing. I know, weird, right?

In the morning heavy grey clouds hung like heavy grey clouds in the sky. Dang, it was cold. At 11:00 am I called Aaron and I told him "Dang it's cold" So we went to the gym.
Surprise Surprise, All the kids were there! (Jen stood in for Mel) What fun! Yes, the sun came out, but it was still cold.

So anyway, Tomorrow most of the kids are going to Taylor's, all together, like it should be. Hope you can make it, Ron. Would you like to join us?

Tip of the day: Always verify your climbing plans by phone, before you leave home

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richard said...

Hey, I would've climbed outside today but I might have been uncomfortable.