Friday, April 9, 2010

TF Friday

Otto was there – the auto belay guy – as well as Jen, Lisa, Pamela, Robin, Bob, Ron and Peter. Great weather, some hornets, lots of WASPs, and delicious pancakes – thanks Jen. Oh, and good brownies too. Thanks Pamela.

Several peeps had new gear – Jen had new Nitro draws, Ron had a new Cinch and I had some new stuff too.

Listen up folks, ‘cuz I’m not going to say this again. (Oh, I’m sure I will.)  Red shirts show up way better in photos. Esp. from a distance. Some advice; go to Goodwill or Savers and buy some red, oversize Hawaiian shirts. Throw it on over your fancy, shmancy, Organic or Prana brand clothes. Then you’ll look very sporty in climbing photos. And your friends will ooh and aah your cool moves ‘CUZ THEN THEY CAN SEE YOU IN THE PHOTOS.


Lisa said...

Yes, there were many white Anglo Saxon Prodestants there today. And I want another Booze Brownie.

Pamela said...

Laughing my head off, Lisa! Come on down and get them--the chiropractor said I'm not supposed to eat any sugar. I succeeded for 24 hours, and then had 3 bars: 2 "booze brownies" and a cherry cobbler. Yum.

She said it sounds like I have a rib out of place and gave me reasons like: a virus, the weather, and torticollis. Sounds like a pasta to me. I have a recoup time of a week. See you soon, I hope!