Tuesday, April 20, 2010

City Pages Best Place to Meet Men 2010

Vertical Endeavors

A rock climber must be physically strong, adventurous in spirit, and dedicated to pursing and achieving a goal—qualities that also happen to make a man a great date. The rock-climbing gym at Vertical Endeavors is a magnet for men, so ladies, put on that cute workout outfit and learn how to climb. The gym is a center for an outdoorsy, fun-loving crowd and sponsors all sorts of classes. If you're intimidated, learn the basics at a special ladies night. Once you've gained some confidence, come back and just ask—a friendly guy will be more than happy to show you the ropes.

Ok, my first reaction is "o barf" but I have met a lot of great guys... and girls at VE, and I wasn't even looking. Now I am feeling all...territorial? Bar the door! no, I think you just have to come for the right reasons. And what does that mean? Oh my, I am confused by my feelings now. Comments? please...comments.


richard said...

I think I will go to a ladies' night climb just to meet some ladies.

Anonymous said...

Well, climbers are a great bunch of people, don't you think? :)

Rest assured that if there is a surge of ladies looking to meet hunky climber dudes, the ones that don't actually like climbing will disappear before you know it. In the meantime, VE gets some extra moulah to keep the rest of us happy. Score!