Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Should You Do About Others’ Safety?

Quite a discussion about how you should handle a situation when you see other climbers doing something unsafe. Speaking personally, I would appreciate the information. (Of course, I have never done anything unsafe, so this doesn’t apply to me.)

I find it interesting that some of the people involved in this discussion are brave enough to do lead climbing (where they could get physically hurt) but not brave enough to speak up to other climbers (where their feelings could be hurt.) Human nature? Men vs women – at least in this case.?

The commenters talk a lot about exactly how you should approach unsafe climbers and what you should say. And I think a discussion of the process might be helpful. But I also think what gets lost with that, is the reality that no matter how you approach the unsafe climbers or what you say, they may not do what you advise. So if you see something unsafe and it bothers you, speak up and let it go. Oh, and if you think they might fall on top of you, move.


Lisa said...

Yes, a discussion. I don't like it at all when the climber takes a big handful of rope, the makes one more move before clipping. NO! No more of that, climb to the clip, get set, then take rope, then clip.

ok gang, it's sharing time....

Pamela K said...

know what bothers me? people learning to belay with an ATC but not being taught to lock off when they're not presently taking up rope.

if it's not safe, I say SPEAK UP!!! someone's only going to get hurt.

from a purely selfish perspective: If they're stupid enough to kill themselves, it gives a bad name to all rock climbing. "oh, those people died! climbing is so dangerous!" yeah, well, they were being stupid. we can't keep them from climbing, but we can at least try to keep them from making the headlines. and clear our own consciences.

from a more altruistic perspective: climbing IS dangerous. much less so with quality experience. if brought about as a friendly discussion, not a "hey, you're doing this wrong" speech, you're more likely to be heard. I have yet to meet a climber who won't explain their methods.

richard said...

It's good to see people speak up when they see something dangerous. And if you ever see me doing something you think is dangerous, please let me know.