Thursday, April 8, 2010

It’s Best To Breathe

I don’t like to breathe while I’m climbing because it takes away from my tunnel-vision focus on the nearest 6-12 inches in front of me. But some people believe that holding your breath isn’t the best thing to do. Who knew?

“In observing others — in their offices, their homes, at cafes — the vast majority of people hold their breath especially when they first begin responding to email. On cell phones, especially when talking and walking, people tend to hyper-ventilate or over-breathe. Either of these breathing patterns disturbs oxygen and CO2 balance.”


Lisa said...

Gosh, who knew?!?!?

Aaron said...

I think this explains why Peter is such an awesome climber. His solution to holding his breath in stressful situations is to talk on his cell phone why climbing. I should try that!