Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Training Vs Fun

For me, It’s tougher to train when I climb with others. It’s so tempting to dump the training routine I planned and just go have fun climbing with someone else. At the “Dream in Vertical

” website, she says:
“In the past, I

haven’t really focused on training much, since having fun and staying psyched is higher on my priority list (because training is hard to do when you’re not actually psyched or having fun). Now, however, I am really excited about returning to the Creek,…”

Her solution to this dilemma is to train for a specific type of climbing she’s going to do in a few months’ time. I’ll have to think about that; all I really do is train to get stronger. I don’t have a specific type of climb I’m working on. It might make it easier to focus.

Nah, it’s still too much fun to dump the training and just go climb.

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