Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some New Year’s Resolutions

P1120624%5B2%5D[1] I agree with this guy about New Year’s resolutions:
“I always look to my New Year’s resolutions with dread and shame. Dread because resolutions smack of the sort of self-help drivel dished out by bald, overweight talk-show consultants, and because I dislike any level of inward scrutiny or reflection. Shame because unlike my wife, Lisa, who pulls out her list each Christmas, then chirps like a peacock as she ticks off every single resolution, I struggle just to make a list, let alone scratch anything off it.”
But, even so, he decides to make some resolutions. I like these two:
“1. I will not blame anyone for my failures even when I get short-roped and it actually is someone else's fault. I know of a very famous climber (VFC) who blames all of his problems on others. Once he rappelled off the ends of his rope and broke his coccyx. Rather than being chastened, he said the accident was the rope manufacturer’s fault for giving him a rope that was “too short.” I don’t want to end up like him, unless it makes me very famous.
6. I will make a fashion statement. Royal Robbins and Henry Barber climbed in beanies, and Leo Houlding donned a silly hat when he put up The Prophet on El Cap. I think I’ll get a fez.”
I already have the fez as shown in the photo and have actually climbed in it. So I can check making a fashion statement off my list.


Lisa said...

smokin' hot fez....

wed wing won said...

My resolution is going to be trying to put down the twinkies and get off the couch before June this year.
Maybe with some encouragement i can do it.