Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hard To Believe, Showing A Girl Some Moves Isn’t Appreciated

What’s this world coming to? I read this in an online advice column and was stunned:

Last week I was at our local climbing gym, and I saw this really cute girl there. I offered her some beta and started climbing with her so I could get to know her. I’m new to climbing, and she was a pretty good climber, but I figured suggesting some moves and showing her some problems would be a great way to break the ice and get her to talk with me. I asked her if she wanted to join my friends and I for dinner that night, but she turned me down. What gives?

If you can’t show cute girls (boys too!) some new moves at the climbing gym, what’s the point of even going? (Unfortunately for me, I have shown all of my moves by now and have no new moves left. Drats!)


Lisa said...

ok, he was new and she was good, a little male bravado.. coulda been annoying, don't you think? Perhaps. But then you accept beta from me so.. there is a possibility that she just didn't like him.

wed wing won said...

yeah i have that problem to, with cute girls not liking me, well any girls for that matter. but it isn't because i know more than them. or the fact i am better person than they, It's mainly cuz I'm a creep. who thinks he know everything.
ps: nothing gets me more upset than when i am wrong, when i know i am right.

richard said...

Ron, old buddy, your're wrong again; you're not a creep. It's too bad you don't know that.

Lisa said...

Ron, I have never once known you to know everything.