Friday, January 28, 2011

New Dress Code - High & Tight Baby, High & Tight

IMG_0699I’ve had a few requests (from women) that men in the gym adopt a new dress code – high and tight shorts. Like this guy I captured climbing today. So boys, keep that in mind when choosing your outfits to wear to the gym.

(I won’t have any trouble with short shorts. I’ve known for years that I must look good from the back. Whenever I was lecturing people – pointing out how much I knew in contradistinction to their abysmal ignorance – and then left the room, I could hear them muttering “What an ass!” I was so proud of how I must’ve looked leaving the room.)


Lisa said...

Wow that such an ass could know such big words. That one thing I truly miss about the 70's high and tight!

Aaron said...

Ha Ha!!! Nicely done Richard.

JR said...

That's why we all fight for a chance to belay you.