Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tough To Be A Guide

With the exception of putting up with people like me, sounds like it’d be a nice life to be a guide in Moab, UT. At least according to this guy.

Just another day at the office.  Leading Ancient Art at the Fisher Towers.

“I was the lead climbing guide for Red River and Ancient Art was the route done if you wanted to do a mulit-pitch. This 3 pitch route taks the chimney on the south side and tops out on a spectacular corkscrew summit. Once the clients see the summit however, none want to risk the exposure to climb to the top.”








Taking clients over the desert to the Delores River put in.  Amazing.

“During the early season, the Delores River runs high and fast with many intense rapids. Since the put in is 3 hours from Moab (driving time), we take a 30 mintue flight over the desert instead. The flight takes you over Arches National Park, Castelton Valley, and the Fisher Towers. The most amazing flight I have ever taken. The ride was very bumpy and was very glad the flight didnt take longer then it did… or else I would have needed to use a barf bag..”

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