Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dan & Netta Part Deux

(ED - Here is the 2nd part of Dan and Netta’s climbing trip report. I haven’t head from them since 1/11 so don’t know how the climbing was in Joshua Tree.)


We climbed a bit of sport in Calico Hills and did another five pitch climb called "Olive Oil."  Best route of the trip thus far.  Olive Oil moves from easy face climbing, to a perfect hand-crack, to finger locks, more (run-out) face climbing, Offwidth, and a long (195 ft) final pitch of chimeying.  It was really good.  Netta climbed here first pitch of Trad too!  It was the first pitch of the Solar Gully.  Rated 5.1 by the book, Netta Mae, Birdland pitch 2I found it to be much more insecure, pulling 5.7 moves over ledges.  Definitely more dangerous than Birdland.  I wouldn't suggest it to first time leaders, but Netta rocked it anyway.  The first pitch of Birdland (5.6) was actually much easier, with better pro.  I also worked on this V6 boulder problem, Slopey Traverse, at the base of Kraft Mountain.  Fell off the last move (the easy part!), but didn't have another go in me.

Netta Mae, Birdland pitch 3

Twice I played guitar in downtown Vegas, making gas money for the trip to Joshua Tree.  We drove through the Mojave Desert at dusk;  a sight that will not be replicated in my lifetime, I'm sure.  The Joshua Trees are really interesting Yucca plants, which grow at the rate of 1 inch a year.  They are incredible, reminding me of those furry, bendy straws people use in crafts a lot.  Something from Dr. Seuss.  We didn't climb in J Tree yet, just woke up in the "Ryan" campsite amidst a shelter of boulders.  We're at the visitor center in J Tree right now, just checking Netta's flight info and my route back to MN.  Only five days left before she leaves!  It all happens so fast.

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