Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wish You Had Talent?

So do I. Then I wouldn’t have to practice. Of course, if I practiced more, than when I have a mediocre performances, I couldn’t say. “Oh, I did pretty good considering I never really train.” That’s the subject of this article called “The Talent Myth.” 

“People wish they had talent. They see it as a practice-free ticket to crowd-stunning skill. But talent doesn’t exist. ‘Talent’ doesn’t get results; practice and devotion do.…

People love to say that they don’t train (or practice or study…) They think it makes their mediocre performance more impressive. Or they use a hero as an example, saying he or she doesn’t practice either. But the truth is that anyone who becomes really world-class good at anything has devoted a large part of their lives to that thing — often to the exclusion of all else.”

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