Thursday, February 17, 2011

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Fit

What happens when a guy in good shape - by modern gym standards - visits the Mountain Athlete gym in Jackson Hole, WY to see how they train? He finds out quickly he is “little-girl weak.” Too many balance ball squats and not enough real squats with real weights.

Mountain Athlete has no fancy d├ęcor but it does have a pacifier in case you’re too much of a baby.

“I noticed: just a few thank-you letters from military units, a wall-mounted baby pacifier with a sign saying ‘Emergency Use Only’,”

He goes home to implement a new, old-style regimen. And meets a… oh, heck, read it yourself. It’s quite involving including a dying expert on how to avoid injuries.

As for your training sessions themselves, the number one thing to remember is that each of the Fundamental Four responds to a different number of repetitions per set. Lift a weight so heavy you can lift it only once, you’re building strength (and, oddly, not much mass); lift a weight you can move six to 12 times, you’re building mass (and, oddly, a little less pure strength); ease up to a weight you can lift 50 times, and you’re working muscular endurance (which is great for endurance sports but tends to undermine the first three, shrinking your strength, power, and muscle size).”



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