Monday, February 7, 2011

Building A Home In An Hour

Here’s the traditional way to make a home out of snow. You need some snow, a walrus ivory knife (which he licks to put a glaze on it) and some experience. (The actual building of the igloo doesn’t start until about 7 minutes into the video. In the first few minutes, he digs into a fox’s den and pulls out a pup.) The whole process of igloo building takes them an hour. In the next video, he adds a window.

Or you can do it the modern way which is described here

It starts with a dance. Still strapped into snowshoes, we trace a circle six feet in diameter in the snow and begin stomping. The idea is to compress layers of powder, slush and ice into a uniform pack, from which we'll quarry blocks for the igloo. We stomp on for a good 10 imageminutes, circling round in a snowshoe-clad jig and getting stares from cross-country skiers whooshing by.”

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