Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ever Had A “Helmet Fire?”

A “Helmet Fire” says Will Gadd is when your brain shuts down – usually because of fear. He suggests ways to keep a helmet fire on a low simmer here. Things such as:

  • “Look in the mirror after a helmet fire. Nobody wants to admit that they had a mental seizure, it takes real guts to admit that and then try to figure out what happened.
  • Break down the components of the malfunction. What was really at stake? Death? Injury? Pride? Self-belief.
  • Search for the same helmet fire situation, and enter it willingly with full awareness (if it's not likely to be fatal).
  • Create operating room in your head. Hang on gear, pull into an eddy, glide into still air, do something to stop the mental load increasing, if only for a moment.
  • Focus on the fact that right then, right there, you're ‘OK.’"

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