Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Amazing Survival Story

I heard this woman on the radio last night. She lives by herself near ANWR in Alaska. Here’s a brief video interview describing her life, including a short version of how she survived a grizzly bear attack by:

  • Stitching her own scalp
  • Getting a rifle, crossing a river with two dislocated hips, and then killing the bear
  • Going to her house, radioing for help and then collapsing on the floor …..
  • Where she waited for 10 days for help to arrive


JR said...

"a little bushy"? What does that mean.

I love how she has a undershirt on and the interviewer has a zip-up and a jacket.

richard said...

As is typical for women, she was the victim of at least two males:
1. Her ex-husband
2. The male grizzly that mauled her