Monday, February 21, 2011

“Four Things You Need To Train And Aren’t”

“An Australian climbing coach – Lee Crujes – lists these four areas that most climbers need to address:

  • “Head Games - How often do you fall off? I believe three out of four climbers are not where they want to be with their 'leading head'
  • Core Strength – Being incredibly strong in the midsection will allow you to unleash your power, and will allow you to endure for longer. Decide to do some core training every week.
  • The Opposite of what you train - The key is to mix it up. Try two months of this and two months of that. You'll improve in the long term as a result.
  • Self-limiting beliefs - We all have little bits of errant code in our programming which are not serving us. In fact, they are self-limiting beliefs or programs. If you can identify these, you can begin to break them down. One way to do this is to challenge your own perceptions about what you believe to be possible.”

He’s got lots more on training here.

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