Thursday, February 17, 2011

Latest Men’s Fashions

From a fashion show in New York comes this look for the modern male. I just filled my closet with metrosexual outfits and now I have to go shopping at military surplus stores?

Image Gallery

The show opened with a series of gusting wind sound effects as models emerged from some sort of glacial backdrop. The models: Weather-clapped, sunburned, mostly heavily-bearded, aging (made up to look aging, at least), walking slowly and stunned, wielding axes and rope and tremendous rucksacks. The clothes: Heavy wool suiting in box checks; knickers paired with stirrup, cableknit legwarmers; nubby boiler suits; collarless shirting paired with There Will Be Blood suspenders; many-pocketed, belted and bulky overcoats; henleys galore, lots of wide wale corduroy and monochromatic micro-Fair Isle. Ansel Adams and California adventurer-inspired—it was sort of imperialistic, a bit stiff and not at all what we were expecting.”

Most of the outfits look kinda manly. (And who doesn’t need help with that?) Image GalleryAlthough, if I catch one of my climbing buddies looking like this, I will bite my pillow.

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