Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Perfect Food For Ice Climbing

I think the “Green Cow Stomach” dish might be tasty. Although, I’d be hard-pressed to choose between that and the “Beef Throat.” Here’s a report on climbing in China and a short video.

“At nearly 12,000 feet Shuanqiao Valley is stacked with hundreds of pitches of ice. Similar to Cody, WY the majority of the climbs cascade down through gullies from the mostly unclimbed high peaks that form their backdrop. The majority of the routes are in the WI4 vicinity yet more difficult lines do exist. ..Typically I get board rather fast with WI4 terrain but the combination of being in a foreign country, at altitude, and climbing either heavily aerated or compact dry dinner-platting ice, kept me on my toes on the easier terrain and had me working on the harder routes. Not to mention the difficulty of physical recovery when eating yak kidney, chicken feet, boar hoof, and stomach lining for dinner! Mmmm, seconds please!”

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