Monday, May 3, 2010

He Nailed This Yoga Move

Now this looks like some fun kinda yoga.

In the first part of the video, they say “Don’t do this at home.” But that’s only because I don’t have a vintage motorcycle. Otherwise, I would.

And if I had a pair of shorts like the 2nd guy, you could roll right over me too.

If you like frogs, don’t worry because no frogs are harmed by the 3rd guy.

If you’ve ever wanted to pick a table up with your mouth, I think the 4th guy could be your mentor.

Oh, the stomach guy gives me the creeps.

The last few tricks I can already do, so no biggie.

BTW, the last statement he makes about jumping out the window if his guru told him to – no biggie to me either. Lots of peeps tell me all the time to take a flying leap. Isn’t that the same?

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