Sunday, May 23, 2010

Moonlight Buttress In Zion

According to, “This stunning route tackles the namesake feature, a proud prow of rock that juts out from the wall behind it, via a singular, peerless crack that extends for 1200 feet from base to summit and never widens to more than an inch or two... the Moonlight Buttress is a feature of unparalleled perfection.”

This is the story of two climbers who climbed this route in Zion during Easter weekend of this year. They got about halfway up the first day and had to descend because a team of slow climbers was ahead of them. The second day, they had it all to themselves.

Last year, we hiked up to the top of this buttress on a paved trail. That was tough enough.


Lisa said...

what a couple of goofballs, looks like they had fun!

Nath & Josh said...

Yup, there was much fun had! ;) Is it weird that I take pride in being called a goofball?

Lisa said...

Good, It was a compliment, if you follow this blog you will realize you are in good company