Monday, May 24, 2010

Good News/Bad News At Red Wing



Genevieve, Fabrice,Peter and I climbed at RW today and it was hot. The temperature was at 96 when I left about 3. I made a list of some of the good and bad news about Monday.



Good news - it was cooler in the shade

  • Bad news – it was Humidity Awareness Day ;all of the shady routes were dripping wet with water. (Any route eas of Cinq Jour D'Affille was too wet to climb.)

Good news  - it was warm enough for shorts

  • Bad news – lots of poison ivy

Good news – it was too hot for wasps on the sunny side

  • Bad news – tons of mosquitoes in the shade

Good news – there is a window of comfortable weather in Minnesota; temps just so, humidity low, no biting insects

  • Bad news – the window’s open about 5 minutes and it closed last week

Good news – we had lots of chalk

  • Bad news – we really needed it

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Anonymous said...

I'm having foot troubles so I rested today... Your report makes me kind of glad I did!