Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dear Diary

Monday I climbed alone, I wanted to leave after 15 minutes but I decided I would make myself stay an hour. Auto is not a compassionate belayer, he gives "climbing to failure" new meaning, if I fell, he lowered me right to the ground. Lately I have been working on a lot of leading. Good for me, but they are 9's. So suddenly I found myself unable to climb a 10. i was lamenting to Pam, who was about as compassionate as Auto, she said "Really? with the amount you climb? huh." wow, thanks.

I told Levi, he said I should climb 11's, ok. good theory. I saw Ward, he said lead 10's. hmmmm.

Today I went in and I climbed 10's, a 10a then a 10c. YaY! I think I got my confidence back! Then my old belayer Carl showed up. He is a little frugal with the praise but I made a few moves good enough to warrant comment. (they were awesome) I need to look back at my goals. Dare I put an 11 in my sights? we shall see.



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Anonymous said...

Yes! put an 11 in your sights! Woohoo! Nothing feels better than breaking through plateaus, but sometimes patience and diligence are the only way to get there. Sounds like you're pushing yourself, though!

And i agree with you on the autos. They don't cheer you on, they don't let you rest, they're always pulling up on you... no compassion.