Thursday, May 6, 2010

Now Let’s Go All Psych-y

While climbing, have you ever had a

“Corrective Emotional Experience. In a nutshell, a past traumatic event (or a similar one) is relived with a different (better) outcome. This is a good thing.”

This post talks about his experience watching his child climb at an indoor gym as part of their contribution to the “Birthday-Industrial Complex.”

For me (and I'm sure for many others) there is a predictable cycle of emotions:
1. Woo-hoo!  My child is not failing! This is good!
2. But I feel strange. Why? Wait for it...
3. I could never have done that at that age. Now I'm angry (the typical fall back emotion for men).
4. Who the Hell is he not to have my problems? It's as if...
5. I'm not failing as a parent. Well, that's not a bad emotion. It's almost pleasant but I remind myself...
6. Not failing as a parent is a life long task. Hmm, now I'm feeling conflicted.
7. But I'm used to feeling conflicted because...

Is this the opposite of watching others make a climb that you can’t? “Boy, I really hope they don’t get that hold that I missed. Then I will know it’s not just my poor skills; it’s really hard.”

But then you get your revenge and have your own Corrective Emotional Experience, when you attempt that climb again and make it.

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Lisa said...

I need to get me one of those corrective Eemotional experiences