Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Access Fund DVD

The Access Fund supports access to climbing areas all over the U.S. – including supporting the MN Climber’s Association. Here’s a DVD they’re offering as a fundraiser.

“The Petzl All Access DVD contains ten amazing short climbing films. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of All Access goes to the Access Fund and their revolutionary Access Fund Land Conservation Campaign, a multi-million-dollar revolving fund that helps local climbing organizations secure access. Petzl America covered the production costs for the DVD, while the filmmakers donated their work. All Access is an entertaining way for climbers, climbing filmmakers, and Petzl to work together in supporting the access cause. Price: $10.”

“You can get a copy at either the Access Fund Store or on Mountain Gear.  Here is the list of segments being featured:

  • Catching Reality – Emil Sergel
  • Hey Presto – Paul Diffley, Hot Aches Productions
  • Infinity Lane – TLC Productions
  • Medeoz – Guillaume Broust
  • PURE: Sonoma County with Kevin Jorgeson – Chuck Fryberger
  • Steph Davis – Sender Films
  • Steve McClure, Hubble – Ben Pritchard
  • Weeks Before Winter, featuring Chris Sharma – Mike Call
  • Plus a bonus film, Blind and Naked, by Cedar Wright, and an Access Fund message from Big Up Productions’ Josh Lowell.”

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Lisa said...

hahahahaha I might buy this, I can't relate as I am an excellent belayer!