Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Buttercup At The Crag

5 reasons to use a GriGri are listed here. This is my favorite:

“You take Butter Cup to the crag, she doesn’t really want to go, and doesn’t climb that often. She agrees, only after some pestering and a promise you will take her out for dinner and a movie. You’re all saddled up, you give her your Reverso, or ATC Guide, or whatever, and she is anchored - just in case you fall. You’re clipping away, showing off, no shirt, and go for the last killer dyno move you’ve done like a bazillion times before. This time you slip, catch Butter Cup by surprise, she freaks, and you hit the ground. No dinner, no movie….”

Sounds like a win-win; you didn’t have to spend money on the GriGri and you didn’t have to spend money on the dinner and movie.

Maybe this T-shirt is perfect for this situation:

buttercup tshirt

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