Monday, November 1, 2010

Fear And Climbing

Another article about lead climbing and fear with some good ideas on how to deal with it. Especially in the comments section.

“I want to be bold. I want to place a cam and climb away without fear. But that’s not me. I shake and my feet search for purchase.  I down climb a move and let go. My last cam was below my feet, but the fall is clean. I’m disappointed. I couldn’t push through. I still had energy in my arms but not enough in my head. I gave up.”


Nora Whitmore said...

The very best article I have read about fear is by Doug Ammons in his book Whitewater Philosophy. He not only covers the mental part but explores the in depth physical reactions as well. Fear is fear and dealing with fear is the same for any sport. He also donates all the proceeds from his books to a school in Nepal. Awesome person! Amazing life history also in his book of stories.

richard said...

Thanks Nora. I will look for it.