Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ice Is Coming Our Way

This is a report from the Thunder Bay Chapter of the Alpine Club of Canada. They went ice climbing last weekend at Orient Bay. Which is here. Still quite a bit north of us. Coming our way. Boo hoo and hooray.

“....the season has begun.  Wes and I headed out to OB this morning and jumped on Mellow Yellow and Hully Gully.  Wow, its a winter wonderland out there.  There was about 10-12 inches of snow on the ground so we have a good layer of insulation already…The ice is thin, hammered a ton of rock on the way up. The upper curtain is still hollow and 13cm screws is all that the climb will take.   After both of us doing a lap we moved over to Hully Gully.  Easy as usual, still hollow on both pitches with lots of water running behind the climb.  The rest of the corridor is shaping up nicely, everything has ice on it, just needs some time for things to build up. “


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