Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cry But Carry On

Most of you might have to wait a few years to be as old as she was – 78 - when she climbed the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda.




Beryl and Bwambale ascending the mountain.

Park climbed Mountain Kilimajaro twice when she was 36 and 72 together with her 13 year-old-granddaughter.

‘Climbing Mountain Rwenzori turned out to be the hardest of all. Whereas the weather on Mountain Kilimanjaro is mostly static, that of Rwenzori varies and that is what made it hard to climb. At some point it would rain a lot and then it snows, becomes dry and so on. It was really difficult and honestly the thought of going back crossed my mind but I told myself I had to get to the top because I had set out to reach there.’

Bwambale says, ‘When we started the journey, we thought she couldn’t make it to the top because of her body structure. We reached some stages she would cry but would decide to carry on.’”



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