Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dawn Wall

imageTwo climbers are currently trying to free one of the famous routes – “Dawn Wall” – on El Cap in Yosemite. Photo on the left is of them making calls from their cell phones. The blog of Tommy Caldwell – one of the climbers – is here.

Below is a shot of the moon – on the upper right – with the climbers on pitch 9. Most of their climbing is at night. Kevin Jorgenson said on his Twitter feed Monday:

“Pitch 9 is done. Now the real business begins: 5.14b ish, 5.13d ish, 5.14b ish, 5.14c ish, 5.14c ish.”

They are trying pitch 12 tomorrow. More on their story here and here.


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Anonymous said...

I'm following this climb on Twitter @kjorgenson. It's pretty cool to see the updates come in from the wall.